3D Wall Painting Ideas For Commercial Interiors That Go Beyond Texturing & Wallpapers!

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Textured walls and murals have always been a key design feature in commercial interiors. Still, the last few years have seen an explosion of seamless 3D wall art that can induce paresthesia, akin to soothing ASMR. Not all 3D wall paint interiors turn out well but given the right tools plus a knack with contrast symmetry, and you can have the perfect wall.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways that 3D visuals can be achieved on 2D walls. Before beginning, all you need is a wall that has had its fair share of emulsions, and cleaning. Do reserve a wall sealant and protector after your project is complete.

Things You Will Need:

  1. Graffiti spray paints
  2. Wall Paints
  3. Geometric cardboard cut-outs
  4. Stencils
  5. Geometry set
  6. Masking Tape

Things That Can Get Complicated:

Using a geometry set is relatively simple for those in the trade, but for DIY projects, one may need to relearn the joys of bisecting segments and angles with a protractor, compass, and scales to draw precise 2D & 3D shapes on 2D surfaces. So do practice, but remember, we can help out too!

Things You Can Do:

  1. Geometric Shapes: Repeat geometric designs are the easiest. A simple example is taking a hexagon cardboard cut-out, putting it up against the wall, and line three edges with spray paint, each side contrasting. Move the cut-out to the next slot and repeat the spray pattern. Maintain pattern symmetry for best results. The resulting design will look like stacks of cubes dispersing into the wall. It’s ideal for creating relaxing commercial spaces.
  1. Masking Tape: Grab a calculator, divide your commercial wall into a grid, and start bisecting angles and scaling shapes to form your eye-candy 3D masterpiece. Using the penciled grid as a reference, begin taping a complete cube involving a repetitive pattern. You have three sides to each cube in the design. Paint them differently, and repeat the same on all cubes. The result is a mind-boggling 3D cube stack in solid colors.
  1. Fish Squama: This is a vector design you can apply to your walls using a high-quality stencil with wall or spray paints. The design is akin to concentric fish scales, but the squama category is rich in vector designs for contrast-based wall painting. Again, symmetry and contrast are the keys to inducing a 3D effect to the wall.
  1. Optical Illusions: Again, this requires a taste in contrast and depth perception to get the proper illusion. This advanced-level idea would have you using just about all the tools we have mentioned. Patterns like 3D mazes, tri-weave shapes, pyramid murals, and dynamic illusions would have you laboring for days, maybe weeks. Still, they will ensure your visitors are left in nothing but pure, unadulterated awe.

Attention to Detail Painters can assist you with the finer points of adding depth to your walls. Get in touch with us for free estimates on our residential and commercial paint-job services. If you have outgrown your fondness for textured walls in your commercial setup in Parker, CO, you can always scrape it off and smoothen for a 3D pattern upgrade. Not only will it be low-maintenance, but awed visitor rates will shoot up all around the block!