4 Custom Indoor Paints You Can Make At Home

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Who wants to head to the hardware store when you can make your own paint? This is a great option if someone has an old piece of furniture that needs some color added. And not only are there plenty of options available at home compared to what’s sold through stores, but many common ingredients tend to be cheaper.

Attention to Detail Painters want to tell you about the 4 custom indoor paints you can make at home! 

When you DIY paint, you have greater control over how much coverage each layer will give. You also get to see a new look as you do it yourself – a break from those over-glossy, commercial paints with harsh chemical components.

Chalk Paint

Chalk paint is the perfect solution for achieving an easy-to-disperse matte finish. The sophisticated texture and slight grit make it an ideal choice in painting wood pieces with an old, rugged look you can perform on your own or through DIY projects like making furniture plans at home that are made easier by using this type of paint—no primers required!

To get started, just mix together 1/3 cup plaster mixture (made from Plaster Of Paris and water) until everything looks smooth. Then add one more ingredient: 1 cup flat latex. The paint needs to be mixed together evenly without any lumps. This, of course, depends upon how much time it takes for the lumps to go away.

Chalkboard Paint

This need not be confused with Chalk Paint – both are different. To make your own chalkboard paint, fill a plastic bucket with two tablespoons of non-sanded tile grout. For each of these, make a cup of flat finish latex or acrylic craft paint, depending on how big the project will be (you may choose to use only one type, but it is recommended that you mix up some in case something runs low). Mix thoroughly, remove all clumps and then apply evenly onto walls using either a roller brush or painter’s sponges. When finished drying, wait another 24 hours before smoothing out the entire surface. Then, again, using fine sandpaper followed by wiping clean cloth, repeat the process.

Milk Paint

It’s easy to make milk paint! You will need a quart of skimmed milk, plus one lemon or lime (depending on how strong you want your colors) and some color pigments. Mix together in a mixing bowl until they form curds which can then be drained off into the water. You will need to do this when you are done cooking. To add maximum shine, add some lemon juice or almond oil at the end and mix well.

Flour Paint

Flour paint is a colorful and creative way to add some flair to your home. To start, heat 7 quarts of water over high heat on the stovetop while waiting to boil. Do this in two batches so you can combine 23 ounces white flour with 1 and a 1/2 cups of cold water mixture inside another bowl. When ready, do 15-minutes of stirring time before each addition. First, add all ingredients, including color pigments and 9 ounces of iron sulfate. Lastly, add 3/4 cup linseed oil before removing from the burner. Let it cool off completely for an hour.

Did these DIYs get the artist inside you up and running? Be sure to try out these mixes. For professional help with all things paint in Parker, CO, give Attention to Detail Painters a call!