4 Things Homeowners Should Consider Before Exterior Painting

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You can significantly improve your home’s appearance by exterior painting. House painting may seem like a straightforward process, but there are a few things that you need to take care of before cracking the paint bucket open. Unlike the interior, painting a house’s exterior presents unique challenges requiring comprehensive planning and exceptional attention to detail.

The significance of exterior house paint and its benefits means that you should not take the painting job lightly. A professional painter may be a better option than DIY for people who are not very handy.

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These are a few essential things to consider before starting an exterior house painting project.

Neighborhood Restrictions

If you live in a homeowners’ association, your HOA reserves the full right to dictate the color and quality of paint you apply. Many communities go as far as asking homeowners to submit a painting plan for approval before beginning the painting job.

These regulations function with the sole purpose of maintaining property values and ensuring a uniform community appearance. Rules and specifications do not bind people living outside an HOA; state building codes generally don’t require homeowners to submit permits before painting the exterior.

Prepare Before You Paint

Painting can be messy; this is why you need to ensure that all bushes, flowerbeds, and garden décor are kept away from the mess. Covering them with tarps or drop cloths protects them from paint drops that can harm them. Keep the fabric in place by adding corner weights such as bricks or rocks. Besides the bushes and garden décor, you also need to remove garden hoses, outdoor grills, patio furniture and place them somewhere safe and secure.

The Weather

Different paint brands have varied reactions to high or low temperatures; however, modern products tend to perform better when applied at extreme temperatures. Checking the paint brand’s recommendations before use will tell you what the ideal conditions for application are.

As a rule, you must avoid painting when there is a lot of moisture; this means you should not paint during rain or excessive humidity. Exterior paint usually takes a lot of time to dry, which is why you should be extra careful of the local weather conditions. Ideally, you should paint your house during dry weather when it’s neither too cold nor too hot.

Should You Hire A Pro?

Painting the exterior is a challenging job where a lot can go wrong. Professional painting contractor services are well-equipped to respond to these challenges. Professional painters are much more efficient and safer and give you a dose of confidence that they will not compromise on quality.

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