4 Ways To Tell You’re Getting Scammed On An Interior Paint Job

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It’s a shame how many people get scammed on an interior paint job. It can ruin the look of your home and cost you a lot also. We want to ensure no one else gets taken advantage of, so we will walk you through how to spot the signs of a scam artist so you can avoid getting conned at all costs.

Here are four signs that you’re dealing with a dodgy painter.

1) Vague Quotation

A contract or quote needs to be very detailed. It should list how many coats of paint will be used, how long it will take for the work to be completed, how many days you have before they can start working on your home, how much money is due upfront, and what kind of warranty they’ll provide. If a company cannot provide all of this information, then chances are they are not working in your best interest, and you need to hire a different company.

2) They Require a Large Sum of Money in Advance

If a company demands more than half of the money upfront, then chances are something fishy is going on. Why should they require you to pay such a large amount up front? There is always a danger such people will take the money and walk away, never to be seen again.

3) They Can’t Give You Any References of Satisfied Customers

If a company cannot provide any references for how happy their previous customers are, you need to watch out. This could be a clear sign that their work is substandard. If they do quality work, they would be more than happy to provide you contacts of customers who you can call to confirm the quality of their work. If they claim to be experienced professionals but don’t provide references, it should raise some red flags.

4) Proof of Insurance

Before you hire a home painter, make sure that they provide proof of insurance. Insurance is how a company protects its employees and business from any accidents or injuries that may occur during your project. If the contractor does not have insurance and any mishap occurs, you will have to foot the bill. If they cannot provide proof of insurance, then you should look for a different company.

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