5 Factors We Consider For Your Project’s Exact Pricing

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Whether it’s your home or office, a paint job is a cost-effective way to preserve your property’s exteriors and boost its curb appeal. But there’s a lot that can go wrong with a painting project, even when you hire a professional. 

Potential pitfalls include:

  • Contractor not having insurance.
  • Failure to comply with regulations
  • Use of low-quality paints
  • Ladder accidents
  • Delays

While these are serious challenges, nothing stings like a paint job costing more than initially estimated!

At Attention To Detail Painters, we are the bestresidential and commercial paint contractors in Castle Rock, CO, when it comes to accurate pricing.

And in today’s blog, we outline the 5-step approach that we use to price a commercial or home painting service. Of course, you can skip all this and click here to get the exact pricing for your next paint project.   

1. Visiting Your Home/Office

To start, we have a strict policy against ‘over the phone’ estimates. We always visit the job site to develop a relationship with our clients as an essential part of our customer service. But more than that, inspecting the property is necessary to gauge the scope of the project. 

2. Calculating Time

Even the smallest paint job causes some disruption in your daily schedule, which is why we emphasize time management. Based on our decade of experience, we can accurately estimate the time it will take to complete a paint job.

3. Adding Labor Costs

Once we calculate the time, we multiply it by the cost of labor. Some contractors have a strict pay-by-the-hour pricing policy. We tend to charge standard (albeit reasonable) prices because of our experience and skills.  

4. Adding Material Costs

After labor, we also add materials and overhead. The amount of paint required is the most apparent material cost. Some contractors consider plaster, rollers, ladders, and brushes as part of the materials, while most treat them as overheads that are not included in the quote. 

5. Running A Software Calculation

Technology and accuracy run hand in hand.  

We use a unique software program to consider every factor of the project:

  • Home square footage
  • Linear foot length of trim and fascia
  • Number of windows and downspouts
  • Quantity of rail and spindles
  • Amount of preparation, sanding, and priming required.
  • Amount of rotted or warped boards/trim to be replaced.

And voila! You will get a fair, exact paint estimate for your project that will still be budget-friendly than most of our competitors. Our 5-step approach allows us to stand behind our bid and never knock on your door mid-project to ask for more money.

We never overcharge for excellence, and that’s why our premium services are fairly priced, even after rewarding our quality painters handsomely. 

So if you want a quality paint service without any delays or budget overruns, Attention To Detail Painters is the company to approach in Castle Rock, COClick here to receive your free estimate today.