5 Home Remedies For Cleaning A Battery Of Wall Stains

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A good reason for stained paint walls is toddlers, pets, the occasional wine spill, and the general age of the paint applied. Whatever the matter may be, it is still crucial to keep your walls looking bright & stain-free.

The risk with DIY wall cleaning is that you could use harsh chemicals that will peel & crack the paint, or you might scrape it off. If you decide to paint over the damaged section, the hue will never sit well with previous custom blends. Attention To Detail Painters pays attention to the smallest detail. We’ll share some small-scale wall stain removal tricks to soothe your interior wall appeal!

Latex-Based Paint

These paints respond pretty well to mild, dilute detergent mixed with white vinegar. Combine the two in a gallon of water and use it to clean dirt & grime from the walls carefully. Be sure to use a microfiber sponge not to damage the paint.

Oil-Based Paint

You can use vinegar & detergent mix on oil walls, but a more suitable option is a degreaser. Kitchen walls tend to catch the most grease, and by the time detergent & vinegar clean the paint, it is exposed to some corrosive damage. A degreaser is a speedier option for cleaning.

Stain Removal Remedies

Dirt & Drywalls

Wipe down the walls with wet cleaning rags to remove the dirt. Then using a solution of warm water & detergent with a microfiber applicator, give your walls a finishing wipe. Avoid soaking with water or too much pressure, or you might damage the wall texture.

Crayon, Pen Ink, Pencils

The sooner you act, the better! Grab those baby wipes for fresh crayon wall stains. You need a simple school eraser or a wet cloth dabbed with baking soda for graphite pencil marks, but be careful if the walls are a uniform hue. For oil-based ballpoint pen stains, use shaving foam for prompt removal. Nail enamel remover, non-gel toothpaste & hairspray are also convenient in removing pen ink stains.

Permanent Markers

Get some rubbing alcohol and cotton swabs—dab over the inked area, using a fresh swab after a few dabs. Avoid rubbing the paint. If the stain stays, resort to the toothpaste tactic. Leave it on for a few minutes, then wipe off. If that too fails, you need a fresh coat.

Kitchen Grease

Believe it or not, WD-40 degreaser works wonders for months of collected grime on kitchen walls. Whether it’s an oil-based surface, tiles, or latex, just apply the degreaser and gently exfoliate the surface. Wipe off using a mild detergent solution.


This can result in unpleasant stains on otherwise beautiful walls. Please wear a mask and spray/apply a mix of a tablespoon of vinegar in a quart of water to the area. Only use dilute bleach if the wall is only primed in whites. Mildew is a respiratory hazard, so you should leave that sort of stain removal to the pros.

Attention To Detail Painters take stains, peels, & cracks all too seriously. If you’re a resident of Castle Rock, CO, and your wards have made a colorful mess of your walls, worry not! We offer very affordable, quality painting solutions for interiors & exteriors, using only the finest paints, plus expert texturing.

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