5 Interior Paint Finishes For Multi-Family Residences

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Choosing the perfect interior paint finishes for each unit is critical if you are a property manager or landlord with many multi-family residences. Not all finishes are made equal, and some are more suited to specific types of structures than others. Attention to Detail Painters will discuss the most popular interior paint finishes for multi-family residences and tips on choosing the right one for your property in this blog post.

The most popular interior paint finishes for multi-family residences are:


This finish has a very low sheen. A flat finish is ideal for walls that have imperfections as they give the maximum coverage of any paint and require fewer applications to conceal flaws. It’s also a good choice for high traffic areas like stairwells and hallways, as it’s more resistant to scuffs and fingerprints than other finishes.


 Imagine an eggshell with a very low shine; now you can imagine how an eggshell paint finish looks. It’s suitable for most walls and holds up better to washing than a flat or flat enamel finish since it has only a little hint of shine. It’s more durable than flat paint but not as shiny as semi-gloss. Eggshell finishes are a popular choice for walls in families with children because they combine high washability with the ability to conceal defects.


Semi-gloss paints are bright and shiny. They are best utilized in spaces that see a lot of wear and tear or dampness, such as children’s rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms, as they are exceptionally durable and mildew-resistant. They’re also excellent for trim. They will expose imperfection more than less sparkly paint because of their glossier finish.

High gloss:

High-gloss paints have an almost reflecting surface that replicates the appearance of enamel or plastic. Although the finish is not extensively utilized in home interiors, it is becoming increasingly popular for its dramatic impact on cabinets, trim, and furniture, particularly in formal and modern settings. This finish magnifies any surface flaws; thorough preparation is essential before painting with high-gloss paints.


The satin finish is the most common paint sheen. It has a higher gloss than eggshell and cleans more easily. This finish works well on woodwork, walls, doors, and hallways. It’s also ideal for living rooms and bedrooms. Satin is washable but not scrubbable, so it’s probably not a good choice for your toddler’s creative table.

Extra tip:

When determining the sheen to use in Multi-Family Residences, consider that the greater the gloss, the more vibrant the color. Furthermore, high-gloss paint reflects light, making flaws in your walls more visible. So, before applying this paint finish, take the time to prep your walls and smooth them out.


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