6 Techniques For Creating A Cohesive Color Flow In Your Home

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Color preferences & client personas are a match made in heaven, except that every match is unique, with a lot of probability for error. There are bright themes, while some clients prefer natural or even dull & matte finishes. Interior painting becomes tricky with wall textures that can cost you a lot of buyer’s remorse if the result is a mismatch of color themes that gets on your nerves.

A proactive way to ensure interior color cohesion is to have a color consultant or an expert painting contractor on your payroll. Attention to every color detail matters if you desire a burst of color in your home without it turning out to be an aesthetic disaster.

Attention To Detail Painters are your local experts in Parker, CO, so we share our two cents on the subject of achieving color cohesion in your home’s interior.

1. Decide a Dominant Color Palette & Accent

If your home has open spaces like a lounge, a foyer, or a hall, you need to reserve dominant colors for them. For example, azure is an indulgent theme. You can pick pale azure for the open spaces. What color best compliments pale azure? Theme your kitchen in azure, the bedrooms in shades of a medium navy blue. Avoid matching beige, maroon, or grays on your walls; reserve these accent colors for the furniture.

2. Do not Ignore Sight Lines.

When working with a variety of colors in your home, you have to consider what one room will look like from the perspective of another open room. Using the previous example: the medium azure of the kitchen will look grand opening into the calm pale azure of the hall & foyer. Avoid a hotch-potch of colors when multiple connecting spaces are involved.

3. Play Around With Tints & Blends

If you desire variations of the same color rather than complementary colors on your walls, you can try a combination of tinted textures.

4. Keep the Dark Shades for Enclosed Spaces

When you decide on a dark cohesive color theme, keep the relatively lightest shades for the communal spaces, and bring out your artist in the bedrooms, bathrooms, and walk-in spaces. Since these areas are outside the sightlines, they can be painted any wild shade as long as it is still the family of the dominant color.

5. Reserve the Boldest Colors for Your Accessories

Suppose you desire a palette of yellows & blues, stick to the lighter shades in the communal wall space. Go wild on the furniture with bold colors. Blue sofa upholstery and yellow cushions are just one bright example to keep your colors cohesive. This technique will ensure your decorative elements stand out beautifully.

6. A Garnish of Color Accents through Your Home

Following the azure color theme, you can integrate a uniform color accent into every room. Cyan goes well with the azure color palette; perhaps curtains and drapes to stand out from the pale azure in the communal spaces and the bedrooms? In the case of yellow and blue, the color grey is an ideal accent for carpets, drapes, and lampshades.

Like we said, Attention To Detail Painters aren’t just your trusted brush-wielding knights in Parker, CO; we know our color palettes & accents like the back of our client’s hands! You can avail of our free quotations for interior & exterior painting projects!