A Rookie’s Guide To ‘How NOT To Nail An Exterior Paint Job!’

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It is honorable to take up an exterior house paint job as DIY to impress the missus & save up on costs. But it’s more commendable if you leave the exterior house paint job to the painting professionals in your locality. Even if you have experience with interior painting, exterior paint jobs require more skills and experience.

If you live in Parker, CO, and decided to go the DIY route, painting your house’s exterior in an appalling shade of olive, then you should start dialing Attention to Detail Painters for rescue.

There can be several possible rookie mistakes in DIY exterior house painting; in this post, we share a few of them to show you what can go wrong and what to avoid.

Don’t Begin Without Preparation

There is a plethora of things to do before you start, including:

  • Move the furniture from the walls & cover them lest you want your ottoman paint-splattered.
  • Old paint or wallpaper needs to be aptly stripped, scrubbed, and sanded.
  • Any dents, dings, and cracks must be filled in and sealed.
  • Treat potential mold spots with dilute bleach.
  • Finally, the painting starts from the ceilings first, then the walls.

Consider a Fresher on House Paint Selection

Please, there is no single type of paint you can apply everywhere. Different surfaces, varying environmental exposure, diverse climate regions; all have unique blends and varieties. Bathrooms need moisture-resistant coats, kitchens do with standard paint, and house exteriors need anti-weathering emulsions. Similarly, kitchen cabinetry needs latex or oil paints.

Brought Cheap Brushes?

If you think a dollar saver brush is the same as a proper synthetic fiber brush, then you will see your folly soon. Cheap paintbrushes can leave house exteriors looking pockmarked and uneven. Invest in good quality brushes & rollers to get your exterior looking neat.

If your house’s exterior is wood, you will need an oil-based primer to seal the grain. Metal, stucco, and concrete exteriors require primers to stabilize the surface for optimal paint adhesion. It’s extra work, but it ensures your paint surfaces last longer. Don’t make the rookie blunder of skipping out a primer in any painting endeavor!

Avoid Unconventional Paint Mixes

If you advocate for eco-friendly paint materials, real paint milk blends can help you out. Invest in quality eco-friendly paints, and don’t make your vats of unconventional blends involving odd kitchen ingredients.

Clean Up Your Mess ASAP!

Don’t wait until later to clean up your brushes and pans after a DIY paint project. Rinse the rollers and brushes, then wring them out. Wrap them in their original wraps the next day. Keep the materials cool, dry, and organized.

Don’t be misled into believing that Attention to Detail Painters cut corners on quality and procedure to offer ‘affordable’ services. We have an honest work ethic and provide remarkable outcomes & assistance in Colorado.

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