Above & Beyond Customer Service From Start To Finish At ATD

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Attention to Detail Painters were professional and reliable from our first interaction.’

‘Extremely friendly and respectful staff, efficient and courteous at all times, and their attention to detail was impressive.’

‘They took their time to make sure I got the paint job I dreamed of…’

As leading residential and commercial paint contractors in Colorado, it’s our customer service that has set us apart from day one (click here to get a free estimate).

Here’s what you can expect when you hire us for your next painting project.

Accurate Bids 

Accurate pricing is a challenge for any project. Apart from labor and material costs, one has to consider factors like preparation and square footage. 

Part of the success of a paint job is when property owners have a clear vision (and budget) of what they want to achieve. To facilitate such clients, we use technology to provide the most accurate estimates. 

And that is why, unlike most painting contractors, we will never come knocking on your door midway or after the project to ask for money! (click here to get a free estimate today).

Clear Communication

They don’t call us Attention To Detail Painters for nothing!

Once we provide you the estimate, we will give you a series of walkthroughs of your property:

  • Initial walkthrough with the customer to identify problem areas or factors that affect bids
  • Second walkthrough during the power wash to confirm colors and other details of the project
  • Pre-completion walkthrough with the team to check for punch list items
  • Final walkthrough with customer

You will also benefit from daily check-ins throughout the project. And if you notice any areas of concern during the final walkthrough, we will perform real-time touchups in your presence. 

That’s not to say we will disappear after a home painting service


Since we are a locally owned and operated painting company, you will always know where to find us. Our roots go deep in Castle Rock, CO, and we are part of the same community as all our customers, people we meet and greet every day. 

In short, we have a reputation to maintain among our neighbors, which keeps striving for excellence.

Friendly Staff

Finally, hiring a painter is all about trust because you can’t just invite anyone into your home. Background checks are essential, and painters nowadays also need to follow strict COVID-19 protocol. 

Over the years, we have hired some of the best painters in Colorado on our team. These guys are highly professional and have spent years honing their craft. But most of all, they are highly courteous and friendly to every customer. 

The least we can do in return is to compensate them fairly. This is why we pay our painters more than any other company. And this is also why they take their time to complete each project since they are not rushing to find more clients just to make a decent living.

If you want to avail our residential painting service in Parker, CO, click here to get a free estimate today!