Beautify your walls with artistic murals.

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Home is a sacred space where you shall feel comfortable and relaxed. If your space is dull, you are bound to feel anxious and depressed. Therefore, beautify your space to fit your liking and give you a sense of security when you come home after a long day at work.
However, the problem is you have no disposable income to spend on luxuries like home decor. Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. This brilliant idea will not only make your house look breathtaking, but it will also not put much pressure on your wallet.

So What Is The Idea?

Murals have become a popular home decor element in this age. It helps to keep your walls safe and gives your wall the aesthetics it needed so badly.
If you don’t know, Murals are any type of embellishment on your wall that gives personality to your wall. It can be wallpaper, a wall covered with patterns, a graphittee, or any illustration you choose.
Sounds interesting? Well, let’s look at the different types of murals you can opt for to upgrade your walls.

Types Of Murals

Sand Stone Wall Murals
Vinyl Wall Murals
Painted Wall Murals
Ceramic Tile Wall Murals
Photography Wall Murals
Well, all types of murals are remarkable artistic expressions. If you are looking for an intelligent investment that will not cost you much while look decorative and magnificent, then opt for the painted wall mural.

Here Are A Few Benefits Of Painted Wall Murals

Painted Wall Murals Are Affordable

All of the above-mentioned types of murals are expensive to install. However, if you opt for a painted mural, you only need a design, some brushes, and paint. You can go either Diy and if you are not confident, you can opt for a painter who will do the work at a very affordable price.

You Can Customize Your Design

Whether you want a textured wall, want to get an illustration painted, or need abstract patterns. All of these decisions are yours. Moreover, you also have the freedom to choose the colors you like.

Wall Murals Are Eye-Catching

Say goodbye to your boring old walls. When you paint a mural, it gives your wall a different personality. Every visitor will surely admire the piece of art that is on your wall. And top it all, painted wall murals are original works of art. So you can easily own a unique and one-of-a-kind artwork without buying one.

It Can Be Painted Anywhere

Painted wall murals are versatile. These not only look good on home walls, but you can also get them on the wall of a commercial building. It would suit as much as it would on a house’s wall.

Add’s Value To Your Home Or Commercial Building

When you beautify your home, especially if it’s a significant part, like walls, it would automatically increases the value of your home or commercial building.
If you are planning to paint your walls but don’t know how to paint a mural? Fret not, because find below everything you need to know and have to complete the project. So let’s get started.

Essentials You’ll Need To Paint A Mural

Different Sized Paint Brushes
Pencil or Chalk
Paints of your choice
Gel Medium (Optional)
Paint Tray
Paint tape
News Paper and Old Cloth
Stool or ladder
Cup of Water
Brush soap
Once you collect all these, you can move to the next step. Let’s see how it is done step-by-step below.

Step-By-Step Process Of Painting A Mural

Step 1: Before we start painting, we need a clear idea of what we will do on the wall. Therefore, it is better to make a rough sketch to guide you through the process.
Step 2: Once you create a rough sketch, it is time to prepare your wall. To do this, first, scrap your wall with sandpaper. Then use a primer to even out the wall and close all the holes, if there are any. After this, coat at least 2 coats of white paint. You can skip or add another coat as per your wall’s requirement. Moreover, if you want a different color base, add a coat of that color after the coat of whites.
Step 3: After the coats have dried, your wall is ready for mural painting. Now. Sketch the pattern, illustration, or any design you have planned for your mural on the wall with the help of a pencil or chalk. Ensure you create a light outline that is visible enough to guide you in the next step.
Step 4: Add the paint tape to mark the outline, so you don’t spread the paint. Next, prepare your paints. Create a palette of all the colors you need.
Step 5: Now splash the paint on the wall and enjoy the process.

Once you complete your mural, let it dry and do the grand reveal. We are sure your family and friends will be amazed by the effort you have put in to create this artwork.

Furthermore, before we conclude, if you are not confident enough to take this project solo, you can always find the best painter and hire them to do the messy work for you, and you can enjoy the fruit. Nonetheless, the above-mentioned steps for mural-making will come in handy if you are planning to do it on your own. And even if not, you’ll know if the painter is doing their work right.
Lastly, we hope that this blog was helpful. And don’t forget to share your mural pictures with us in the comment section.