Choosing The Right Colors For Your Commercial Paint

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Psychology proves that colors have an effect on mood and productivity at the workplace. The right combination of colors and lighting patterns helps to motivate employees to get the job done. Regardless of how loyal and dedicated your team is, no one wants to work in an uninspiring work environment. In this case, choosing the wrong color ends up giving a dull vibe to the employees.

If you’re thinking of repainting your commercial space, you may need to consult expert painters such as Attention to Detail Painters of Terrain, Castle Rock, CO.

There are some essential factors to consider before choosing office colors. This blog post lists down some crucial points that you should adhere to when selecting office paint.

Target Audience

It is crucial to keep the target audience in mind when repainting the exterior. A color scheme that resonates with your audience helps to attract potential customers to your place. People of different age groups find different colors appealing. The younger crowd generally prefers bolder colors, while the older generation finds neutral or lighter colors more appealing.


It’s normal to be unsure of what paint to use for indoor walls and space. In this case, the best way to reach a decision is by getting small amounts of different colors and applying them in layers on a wall. Light the room and observe which color fits the best. You can also contact commercial paint service professionals to get some more experienced insights.

Common Office Colors

If all else fails, do as the Romans do! Some research of which colors are preferred by other commercial spaces might help you finalize the right color for your property.

Here are some choices for standard commercial office color paint that you may want to consider.

  • Grey

Grey is the best option for neutral spaces. However, excessive shades of grey give a somewhat gloomy look to an office, so be careful when choosing grey.

  • Beige

Beige is a good choice for an office as it gives a relaxed and clean appearance. However, the paint does not stand out and is not as clinical as other color choices. Regardless, beige is a very welcoming color that looks great in an office setting.

  • Purple

Purple fits in perfectly in an office setting. The different layers of purple reflect the seriousness of a corporate environment in an excellent manner. It is an ideal choice for commercial property owners looking for colors that stand out yet feel appropriate and natural.

  • Green

Like purple, green too is excellent for the office. You may want to use a deep shade or an accent to convey richness. Green is a great color for all financial advisors and can also fit naturally to other professions.

Attention to Detail Painters provides commercial property owners of Terrain, Castle Rock, CO, with sound advice for their painting needs. We assess your needs and commercial requirements to help you determine the right office paint color.

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