Drips To Grips! 5 Ways To Avoid Painting Problems

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‘Ma’am, your nails are so clean and dry!’ – Drawls Miss-steady-hands-20-something before applying the base coat post-manicure at your preferred nail salon. Clean and dry aids with adhesion. Looks glossier, smooth, with no bubbles and goopy warping. Now only replace ‘nails’ with ‘walls,’ and that’s the amount of care needed to avoid a lousy paint job on your residential or commercial walls.

Probably the first concern to pop up in your mind before applying paint is any moisture issues in your walls. The next is either being a good painter or hiring the right professional for the job. While DIY is okay too, here are some points to keep in mind before you start.

1. Primer Stroke of Genius

Paint cracking, flaking, peeling are the problems of the day. Don’t skip a primer. It provides an adhesively fresh and moisture-proof surface for the paint to cling to. If you notice mildew after primer, use a dilute bleach solution to sponge it away, then dry it before applying the main paint coat. The primer will keep old wall stains from soaking into the new coat, resulting in a more refined texture.

2. No Action Painting!

Paint at a medium pace in sections, using a roller to evenly coat the surface with a primer, sanding away the rough spots, then gearing up with a fine grade brush. Remember, you are not Jackson Pollock! Let the paintbrush soak up, then drain excess paint, and apply with steady strokes. If the paint is dripping off the walls, you’re using too much, leading to a rough coat and uneven finish.

3. Man the Walls!

No, we aren’t saying bring the walls down Jericho style (unless they are wood and termite-infested – call the exterminator!). Ensure the surfaces are free of grime, dust, oils, and old paint. Never paint over wallpaper. Never paint on a non-sanded surface. Never paint in wet weather. Never paint if your walls show mold and water damage. Never paint if you can’t respect these tenets.

4. Tape off the Scene!

Use painter’s tape to protect surfaces and ensure sharp borders. Even if you have hands as steady as a surgeon – still no! – use painter’s tape or messy paint borders will be your newest aesthetics problem.

5. Temperature Range

Even with walls as dry as a bone, you have to ensure the weather is not too hot to dry the paint before you’re done brushing. It should not be too cold either that the paint thickens up. 40-70% humidity with moderately warm weather is the ideal time for painting.

Since it’s either sunny summers, cold winters, or mostly cloudy in the home municipality of Castle Pines, CO, moisture and mold are the least of your worries. However, if you desire a new hue on your property’s walls with the least faults, don’t hesitate to call in the pros at Attention To Details Painters for free quotes! Our services come with a lot of experience and tricks to get your walls to sing colors!