Everything You Should Know About Wall Texture Paint

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Textured wall painting can be a real hit if done right. It can elevate the look of any boring space, whether commercial or residential. Some popular wall paint textures are Skip Trowel, Hawk, and Trowel, Slap Brush Texture, Santa-Fe Texture, Swirl, Rosebud Stomp, Splatter Knockdown, Orange Peel, and Popcorn.

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However, before you move on to selecting textures and colors for your walls, it is essential to know exactly what you are getting yourself into. So let’s have a look at the pros and cons of wall texture paint.


  • Texture paint can help you create a statement piece while sprucing up your space. Not only do textured walls give your space a unique look, but they also add depth and dimension to a room. They add personality and liven up a flat color scheme. And for a little extra pizzazz, you can choose a paint with a metallic finish – gold, silver, and copper. So say “Bye Bye” to wallpaper.
  • Textured walls are a great way to hide imperfections and wear and tear like uneven surfaces, cracks, defects, and drywall installation.
  • Textured walls offer high durability and are more resistant to minor wear and tear like flaking, fading, and peeling. They are also resistant to Algae and Fungus.
  • Textured paints are more resistant to atmospheric changes and provide excellent weather protection. They can withstand extreme temperatures, and rain. And the special additives present in the paint offer protection against Alkali and UV rays.


  • While wall texture paint effectively covers up imperfections and mistakes that are there on the wall before the texture painting, patching up the damage done later is difficult. You can’t do a quick repaint or patch if the paint gets chipped or cracks. You will probably have to fix the whole section. Thus, due to its upkeep, it is better to apply texture paint in a less-trafficked area.
  • Some types of imperfections can instead get highlighted instead of being hidden.
  • Textured paints are not available in a wide range of colors like other paints, so you have limited options. However, you can get professionals to use a paint additive to change the shade to create a new texture paint color.
  • Application of wall texture paint if difficult – you need to quickly create the perfect texture on the wall, and one mistake can result in getting the whole wall redone. Texturing needs to be done quickly because if one section dries too soon, there will be rigid lines at the intersection.

Keeping both the pros and cons of wall texture paint in mind, discuss your options and vision with an expert to know if what you envisioned is actually possible or not.

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