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How Colors Improve Workplace Productivity: Which Color Should You Choose?

When you need to paint your office space, it can be tough to choose the right colors. Many different elements factor into the decision – do you want a calming effect? Do you want something more stimulating? Do you think people will get sleepy if they’re in a dark room all day long? The choice of colors varies widely based on personal preferences, geographical proximity, etc. What works for one person may not work for another. When you hire a professional company like Attention to Detail Painters, they will deliver a stunning paint job and guide you in color selection too!

This blog post explains how different colors influence team motivation and why you should choose one over another.


The calming blue hue helps to stimulate the mind and promote productivity. Cooler shades of this color are great for those who find themselves constantly distracted by their surroundings, while warmer tones will help you focus on what needs to be done. A light shade of blue can provide peace inside any hectic work environment because it sinks into walls quickly without overwhelming them.


People remember more information when they see green as compared with any other color. It’s considered the most restful color on the eye and the least likely to cause stress or headaches. Green might be your go-to color if you want people to feel calm while working in an office space throughout their day.


According to scientific research, the red color boosts the heart rate, increases blood flow, and evokes strong emotion. If you have a fast-paced environment where time management is essential, then red is the color you need to choose. The red color is considered an excellent option for the high energy sales department. Some restaurants also paint the interior red when they want customers to go in and out quickly. 


This bright color tends to evoke feelings of happiness and cheerfulness among many individuals across various cultures. Yellow is excellent for fostering creativity, especially when paired with white. So, if your office environment focuses on idea creation and innovation, yellow might be a great color to use.


The orange color can help with decision-making in your office. Orange is a warm color that many people tend to associate with sunny days and heat. This can be utilized in the workplace by having orange-colored walls in areas where you might want employees to make quick decisions, such as near an entrance or reception desk or in the conference room.

Painting some areas of your commercial space with orange color can help avoid the mid-day slump, encouraging your staff to remain productive throughout the day.

While various colors influence employee productivity distinctly, you can only feel their true impact when you paint them on the walls skillfully. Attention to Detail Painters can help you amplify the results of applying great colors using our commercial painting skills and expertise. We offer exterior and interior painting solutions to clients in Castle Rock, CO. Whether it is commercial painting or painting your residence’s interior, you can count on us to deliver a beautiful result every time. Get a free estimate today!