How Inexperienced, Non-Insured Contractors Cost Homeowners Potentially Thousands Of Dollars

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At some point in your life or another, you must have received the advice to do your homework before making any major decision; this applies to both personal and financial decisions.

When you are planning to commission a big home improvement or renovation project, like getting your property painted, you better choose the right contractor. And one way to do it is by asking more than one painting company for a quote to decide which contractor to handover your project to.

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The biggest and most common mistake homeowners make is picking out the cheapest bid from the pile. That entirely defeats the purpose. The purpose is to find the right contractor, which means someone who will provide you with quality work at a competitive rate.

A quote contains a lot more than the cost. Truth be told, the cheapest bid is almost always the one that costs you the most as it is often submitted by an inexperienced and uninsured contractor.

A reliable, licensed, insured, and experienced contractor will never offer you an inflated or deflated rate. You might come across a bid that is too good to be true because it probably is that way. Either there is an error in the calculations, there are hidden costs, or the contractor is planning to use substandard resources.

And since the contractor does not have a reputation to protect, once the job is done, and the paint starts peeling off your walls before it should, the painters will be nowhere to be found. Instead, all that you will be left with is a falling property value and curb appeal and a bill for a new paint job from another company shortly.

Every professional firm gets contractors insurance to cover any issues, damages, or liability. Therefore, contractors’ insurance is a comfort to both the contracting firm and their clients. However, suppose you have hired an uninsured company and a worker gets injured on your property. In that case, you will be liable to pay the damages, and this would make you vulnerable to a potential lawsuit.

On top of that, an unlicensed and inexperienced contractor is probably not aware of the legalities involved with your project, like permits, codes, safety guidelines, and more, which will increase your liability, leaving you open to at the very least some hefty fines. And we are looking at the glass half full here.

Also, since an amateur painting contractor will probably be unaware of the proper techniques, have no proper training, and lack both the necessary skills and equipment required, your project’s end result will be a disaster. Thus, you might have to get the whole thing redone.

Lastly, a substandard contractor might use harmful materials that might cause damage to your family’s health.

Now, do you understand how hiring an inexperienced, non-insured, or unlicensed home painting firm might cost you thousands of dollars? If so, do proper research by checking the firm’s credentials, details, legalities, reviews, past projects, and recommendations. Never make a deal blindly.

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