How The Salaries We Pay Directly Impact Your Painting Project

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At Attention to Detail Painters, we pay special attention to the needs of our employees. Not only are all our staff insured, but they also get paid the best salaries the industry has to offer for their services. We believe in the motto that:

Decent remunerations for our employees will result in better services and quality for our customers.

Our goal is to recruit some of the best painters in the region, train them with our core values and practices and get them working on your project. We’ve renovated numerous commercial and residential properties by hiring some of the best local talent available.

Our painters take immense pride in working for us; this is partly because of the remunerations we offer. You might see the remunerations contributing significantly to the project’s overall cost in our invoice. This raises concerns for many clients, prompting them to question our billing strategy; however, the results our team delivers always allay their concerns.

Here’s how we think the high remunerations contribute positively to our business objectives.

Source of Motivation at Work

There’s no alternative to motivation! The remunerations we offer act as a glue between your project and our team. In our opinion, a business can only produce satisfactory results if the employees are happy and comfortable in the working environment. There is no doubt that dissatisfied employees will not give their best as they struggle to pay the bills.

Therefore, we ensure each worker is content by offering comparatively high remunerations, resulting in better performance, productivity, and better quality results!

Efficient and Timely Project Completion 

Employees who are poorly compensated look for other ways to earn money – sometimes while at work! This slacking off tends to extend the project duration. You can quickly identify an employee deliberately slacking off by the way they’re working – arriving late to work, taking too long to finish a job, then packing up early for the day. All these are signs that the project is not going to finish on time.

At Attention to Detail Painters, our staff is remunerated handsomely, which means they don’t look for other ways to fill their pockets. We follow fair practices and professionally deliver work as promised!  

Trained and Skilled Staff

In addition to the decent pay, we also train our employees to use the latest industry tools and techniques. Well-versed with all the top-of-the-line tools, our staff ensures that their skills and knowledge translate into high quality project deliverables.

So, if you’re tired of hiring unprofessional painting contractors who unnecessarily delay projects and deliver low-quality results, Attention to Detail Painters is here for you! We offer premium residential painting and commercial painting services to all residing in Parker, CO. Get a free estimate for our services today!