How To Find A Painter Familiar With HOA Guidelines

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Are you planning to paint the exterior of your home? You may need to gain familiarity with HOA guidelines and rules for exterior painting in your neighborhood.

Suppose your home isn’t part of the Homeowners’ Association (HOA). In that case, it’s okay to paint your property’s exterior whichever color you like, or make small or significant changes outside or inside your home without the HOA’s approval. However, when you live in an HOA area, you must get approval for even a minor repair or major renovation. The HOA board assesses the depth, technicality, and risks of your renovation or repair project and checks if it meets their standards before giving you approval.

While some homeowners think that only external changes require approval, the truth is all changes made to either the interior or exterior of a property require HOA approval. If you begin working on the project without getting approval, the HOA might ask you to redo the work or slap you with a fine.

Therefore, when hiring a painter for your home’s exterior or interior painting, make sure that the painter is familiar with HOA guidelines. But how can you determine this? Consider the following three ways.

1. Check if they are Locally Owned

Hiring local painters offering professional painting services can be your best bet if you want to avoid getting fined by the HOA. Most local painters know all the HOA policies and guidelines for the neighborhood, and they can better guide you than other painters. If you still want to confirm whether they know about the HOA guidelines, you can ask them directly.

2. Review their Clients’ Feedback on Social Platforms  

Clients are usually very straightforward and clear whether they liked a specific service or not. Plus, if any client has faced fines or lawsuits because of the painter’s lack of knowledge about HOA guidelines, you’ll likely find it on social media. If you don’t see any such comments about your chosen painter, it’s your green signal to hire them!

3. Ask Questions Related to HOA Guidelines

While the HOA provides separate renovation and repair guidelines, you could pose specific questions to the painter. For instance, ask if you need to submit a project proposal to the HOA or which additional documents you may require. Make sure the answers you get are from the current version of the HOA guidelines.  

Last but not least, the experience of the painter also matters. Reliable and professional painters often have more than 10+ years of painting experience. They also offer warranties on painting projects to gain client trust and satisfaction.

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