It’s Not Just Painting – Five Reasons Why Proper Surface Inspection Is Necessary

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Contrary to popular opinion, high quality and a durable paint job is not a coincidence. Commercial painting requires a coordinated plan which involves detailed surface inspection and analysis.

An inexperienced and untrained hand is unaware of the challenges of painting commercial and residential properties; more importantly, they are not familiar with surface preparation basics. As a result, the surface witnesses coating failures, prompting you to spend a significant proportion of your savings re-painting.

That’s why surface inspection and analysis is a crucial attribute of surface preparation before starting the project. However, if you are still unsure about the significance of proper surface inspection, the following reasons will change your mind.

1. Focuses on Weather Conditions  

An essential attribute of surface preparation and coating application is the weather conditions. Professional painters consider temperature, humidity, wind, and rain while performing a surface inspection to give a long-lasting paint job. Remember, high relative humidity and increasing wind velocity can hurt the project.

2. Inspects Surface Condition

Surface preparation procedures depend on both the existing condition of the surface and the materials available. A visual inspection helps identify potential damages to the surface that can affect the outcome of the job. Adequate surface preparation gives commercial painters a solid ground to work on without any hesitation.

3. Removes Lead Paint

Lead paint is a serious health hazard. However, by proper surface inspection, the lead paint particles can be cleared off the property, making it safe for all. Professional painters either opt for lead paint removal or encapsulation, depending on the project requirements. Encapsulation involves painting over lead paint using unique paint materials with a lead paint remediation technique.

4. Permits Water Break Test

The water break test determines a surface’s cleanliness by exposing the presence of any liquid residue. Oil or oil-based coating inside the surface often reveals itself as a result of this test. The test is performed after the surface is thoroughly cleaned and just before it is ready for coating.

5. Inspects Dust Residue

Leftover residue can be exceedingly hurtful for a surface. Grease, dust, and dirt residue can react with surface layers to form deposits that significantly reduce paint’s service life. A visual inspection test reveals hot spots of accumulated residue which need your immediate attention.

Attention to Detail Painters takes the surface inspection routine very seriously. We leave no stone unturned in our bid to add visual and aesthetic appeal to your property. Our thorough surface inspection procedures give us the confidence to pitch a five-year warranty period.

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