Some Pupil-Dilating Exterior Paint Trends For 2022!

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Paint is a beautiful thing. It can transform and refresh any area of your home, and it’s also one of the best ways to improve the look and feel of your house. But paint isn’t just for exteriors, as interior spaces need their touch-ups every once in a while too! From living room walls to bedroom ceilings, there are many places you could turn to for inspiration when choosing a new color palette or style.

If you want some ideas on what exterior paint styles will be trending in 2022, then this blog post is for you! Attention To Detail Painters in Castle Pines, CO, covers three different exterior paint trends that will be popular over the next few years – each with its unique features and benefits.

Choose a Color Scheme

Your exterior paint should have a color scheme. The colors must be cohesive and not clash with each other. If your house is painted in different shades of blue, for example, you can’t add red shutters to the windowsills without making it look like an eyesore. Choose three colors maximum for your exterior paint job because more than three colors can cause a visual clutter that will make your house look like a circus tent.

Warm Neutrals

Warm neutrals are “in” for 2022. Warm textures will be a massive trend in exterior paint, and warm neutral tones with yellow undertones will stand out. These colors look great on all types of homes, from modern to traditional. While they may not bring the wow factor that some 2017 trends did, these colors work well with many different designs. Because of their popularity, warm neutrals also enhance the resale value.

Brick Red

Brick red is a color that has been popular in the past few years, but it will continue to be used in 2022 as well. The pop of brick red looks especially lovely on traditional homes with classic details like white trim and shutters or stone accents. Brick red can also look great on contemporary homes with a modern design.

Because of the popularity of brick red, it will likely be a good choice for resale value in 2022, and warm neutral tones with yellow undertones will stand out. These colors look great on all types of homes, from modern to traditional.

Dark Tones

Many people are moving away from their traditional white homes to darker ones. Darker tones are more contemporary, modern and provide a sleek look for your home! Many homeowners choose dark browns or blacks as their exterior color, but the trend is slowly leaning towards black. Black helps with heat absorption, which means less energy is used on heating during chilly winter days.

Be sure to pick a color that compliments your home’s style, and don’t be afraid to add some contrast with trim colors. Some homeowners are even painting their front door black, making a statement as you enter the house.

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