The Limits Of Exterior Painting: How Often Should You Paint Your House?

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It’s back-breaking, it’s messy, and you’re probably not looking forward to doing it either. But painting the exterior of your home is one of the most important things you can do for the exterior of your house. If you don’t take care of this every few years or so, then your paint will start to peel off, and all the hard work that went into making your house look great will go down the drain. So how often should homeowners paint their exterior? Continue reading to find out.

Factors that Affect How Often You Should Paint?

Many factors affect how often homeowners should paint the exterior of their house, and these include:


If you live in an area with constant rain or humidity, it’s essential to get your home painted much more frequently than if you live somewhere with low precipitation. Similarly, cold weather climates will also necessitate painting more regularly as snow and ice can damage your siding.

Type of Paint Used on Your Home

Some paints are designed to last longer than others before peeling off, so make sure you know what kind of paint you used previously and the results it delivered before purchasing a new one. Asking a professional company like Attention to Detail Painters in Castle Rock for advice can be helpful.

The Wall Materials

Different wall materials will require different painting frequencies. For example, wood siding houses typically need to be repainted more frequently than brick homes because of the tendency for water damage and mold growth on wooden surfaces.

The Age of Your House

It may take a few seasons before you notice any peeling or signs of deterioration in your freshly painted house. However, you need to be proactive in maintaining the place; If there are no apparent signs in year one, then by year two, you must reevaluate whether another layer could help extend the life of your paint job. Remember, the older your house, the more frequently you’ll need to paint it.

The Condition of Your Current Paint Job

How well maintained your exterior was previously can impact what kind of paint job you’ll get this time around and how much protection it provides. If you had a good exterior, then your new paint job will be more durable. However, if the previous coat of paint was terrible and peeling earlier, it means there wasn’t enough protection in place between coats to protect against all-weather elements.

This is why knowing when to repaint can depend on how well maintained your current layer of exterior painting is or isn’t. If peeling has occurred already, you must plan for another session right away since the protective barrier no longer exists.

Homeowners in Castle Rock, CO, can call the professionals at Attention to Detail Painters whenever they notice their exterior paint looking ungainly. Whatever the reason for external paint deterioration, our experts will use the latest painting techniques to restore your property’s look. Our experience and quality paints make us stand out on the list of the best painters in Castle Rock. Get a free estimate for our exterior painting services and beautify your home’s curb appeal.