This Will Make Your Small Space Bigger Instantly

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Since the population is rising, the concept of small apartments and small spaces prevails. If you are also into the minimalistic lifestyle and live in a studio apartment or a small room, then you need to do this to make your space look cohesive and big. Don’t worry; we won’t ask you to do anything that would put a dent on your wallet. In fact, we have come up with a smart strategic idea that will open up your space without interfering with the architecture of your home or room. Wondering how?
If you ask any interior designer, they would democratically accept one thing, and that is the paint on the walls is either a deal maker or deal breaker. Therefore, you don’t need a construction plan to free up space. You just need the right painter and the right color combinations to do the deed.
How to choose the right paint for your walls?
Before we give you a few best examples of color combinations that work together, let’s understand the basics first. This will equip you with the knowledge and will help you make an informed decision. Hence, let’s understand colors first.

Basics Color Theory

Colors have many powers. And among these is its power to create illusions. In fashion, we use colors to hide the flaws of our body structure. For example, if you want to look slimmer, an all-black outfit will make you look thin. Moreover, if you want to look taller, then wearing the same color socks as the bottom will create an illusion of you being taller. Similarly, when you use various color combinations on your wall, it can make your space look tiny or huge.

Types Of Color Combinations


Monochrome colors are single colors used to complete the wall. For example, you decide to paint your roof and walls the same color. This will unite your whole space. It is suitable for spaces that have only a single purpose. Per se, a drawing room or dining room. Usually, these rooms are smaller; therefore, you need lighter monochromatic colors to make it look a little bigger without breaking the walls.

Analog Colors

Analog colors are the ones that are next to each other on the color wheel. With this color scheme technique, choose two colors that are side by side on the color wheel and play with their tints and tones to set the right mood for the space. Assuming you don’t want to go with the standard colors and want to experiment. However, the problem is, your space is already cluttered, and if you choose the wrong paint, you might make it look smaller. Therefore, analog color combos will give you the margin to experiment but will also keep you in check with the limitations as well.


Complementary colors provide contrast to your space. If you are someone who loves contrast and wants to divide a single space into two, using opposite colors on the color wheel will be intelligent. Either you can paint two walls of the same color and two with different colors, or you can paint the walls of the same color and the roof with a different one. The choices are endless.


If you have a colorful personality and don’t want to bind yourself with two colors or a single color, then a triadic color scheme is for you. It is choosing three different colors from the color wheel that are at the same distance. Using this color scheme gives you endless options to paint your space according to yourself.

Now that you have understood the basics of color theory, it is up to you what colors you choose and how you style them to suit your liking. However, if your space is already congested and you want to make it look bigger, then opt for pastels, tints, and cool colors. If you are opting for a complementary color scheme, then you have a margin to experiment with a darker color. Other than that, before choosing a color, also see if your space has a source of natural light or if it is in a darker corner. If you have a light source, then you can opt for a dark shade if you are going for analog colors, complementary colors, or triadic colors. But if there is no light source, then stick with the lighter shades. The lighter shade will make your room luminous.

Top Color Combos To Make Your Small Space Look Bigger


Off-white is one of the most common colors used in many homes and apartments to make them look bigger and add light. This is a good choice if you want to opt for a monochromatic color scheme.

Navy Blue And The Lightest Tint Of An Orange

If you are funky and looking for a cool color palette for your room or apartment, then a navy blue roof with light orange walls would look breathtaking. Without a doubt, this can be a perfect combo if you are opting for complementary colors.

Blue, Green, And Brown

If you want to go for a triadic color option, then you can easily paint your roof brown, accent wall blue, and the remaining ones with the lightest green or one of its shades or tints. This will give your room an earthy tone with the freshness of nature.

Violet, Pink And Red

For those looking for analog color combinations, violet, pink and red would complement each other perfectly. You can divide your wall horizontally and paint the lower half violet and the upper half pink. This would make your walls look taller. In contrast, your roof can be painted red.

This was all from us. We hope that this blog equips you with the right knowledge to select color combinations for small spaces. Lastly, don’t forget to share your choices in the comment section.