Tips For Commercial Building Painting From The Expert Painting Contractors

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Painting Commercial Buildings can be a daunting task. Many factors go into commercial painting, such as weather and safety. Whether it’s commercial interior painting or commercial exterior painting you require, here are a few tips to make the job easier for yourself and your painting crew.

Tips for Commercial Interior Painting

Check if There Are Any Issues

Commercial buildings need a lot of upkeep and maintenance, so if there are any problems with plumbing or electricity, those issues must be fixed before painting begins.

Fill the Holes and Cracks

Commercial buildings have a lot of cracks and crevices that need to be filled in. Check the walls for any holes that may have been left by old pictures, light fixtures, or other items. Ensure that paint is brushed into all of these crevices and cracks so the walls will be smooth when they dry.

Level the Dents and Bumps

Examine if there are any dents or bumps in the walls. Use sandpaper to remove them from the surface. This step is essential for ensuring that all areas are smooth when painting begins.

Remove the Furniture

Try and empty the room before painting. Removing any furniture or fixtures allows the painters to do their job without obstacles in the way and also work on a completely clean canvas.

Cover the Floor

Cover the floor and any furniture that cannot be moved. Cover all surfaces with plastic sheets, so they do not get paint splattered on them.

Ensure Safety Measures

Commercial painting can take a long time, and there shouldn’t be any dust or debris in the air while working on your project – not just because of aesthetics but also for safety reasons.

Tips for Commercial Exterior Painting

The commercial exterior painting process involves sanding, scraping, and priming the surface before coating it with paint. This is followed by the choice of either oil or latex paints for protection from corrosion. The final coat may also be either an acrylic coating to protect against UV rays or a transparent sealant to preserve any color changes from sunlight. Commercial buildings need to have several coats of paint applied for an even and durable finish.

Ensure That the Exterior is Clean

To get the best painting results, commercial building owners should start by ensuring that their exterior is clean. It is vital to make sure the exterior surface has been pressure washed before painting to remove any dirt, mildew, or other contaminants that may prevent paint from adhering properly. Pressure washing will remove any debris or oil spills from the surface as well.

Ensure the Weather is Pleasant

In commercial exterior painting, you need to consider the weather and what effect it will have on your exterior paint job. You may want to postpone an outdoor commercial painting project if there is rain in the forecast that would cause moisture under footings or make surfaces slippery for workers. Wind can blow excessive dirt and dust onto the freshly applied paint surface, causing damage to its appearance over time.

Comply with Safety Standards

Safety is always the top priority for commercial exterior painting. Check your local safety standards before you begin painting to find out what equipment and clothing are required, such as wearing goggles or safety glasses, using a respirator mask, etc.

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