What Makes Quality Paint Worth the Price?

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Have you been wondering if it’s time to upgrade your personal space (such as your home)? You may have decided to go for a complete home decor and might have found some reasonable appliances, furniture and other things, but what about the paint that you’re going to put on your walls & ceilings?

Have you really given it a thought?

What if the paint that you’re planning to apply is not of good quality?

How can you spot the difference between a cheap quality paint and a good quality paint?

In this article, we are going to cover everything in detail for your better understanding.

Let’s get started.

What is Paint?

Paint is a combination of three elements; pigment, resin and solvents. Solvents are basically the liquid that suspends all the ingredients whereas pigment is what adds the color to it. Resins are more or less the final product which binds everything together.

When we talk about cheap or low quality paint, it’s a diluted mixture of solvents consisting of larger pigment particles. High quality paints have greater concentration of finer pigment particles and come with high-grade resins which makes them more vibrant in color and better in quality.

What Makes a Quality Paint Worth the Price?

Although, high quality paint may cost you more but the difference is (like it’s mentioned) in the paint quality. What you can achieve with a couple of coats of a high quality paint, you may not be able to achieve the same result with a low quality paint.

But at the end of the day, if you’re opting in for a cheaper paint, it’s still going to require you to apply multiple coats & you may end up buying more than what you pay for a high quality paint. In the end, you may not get a paint job that you may have expected & it would cost you more than what you’ve received for a high quality paint job.

What Are the Pros of Using Quality Paint?

It Offers Even Coverage – Ask yourself, what’s your end goal? If it isn’t to receive a paint job that makes your home look great at the end of the day. Quality paint can give you the coverage that you are expecting & all that you apply will have a consistent finish across all the walls making your rooms appear amazing!

You Require Fewer Coats – With quality paints, you may only require a couple of coats to get a perfect paint job. However, with cheap quality paints, you can end up applying multiple coats even up to 5 times and still the finishing might not be satisfying enough. It’s clear that good quality paint needs less coats.

You Can Save Precious Time – When it comes to paint jobs, it takes the same amount of time to apply a layer of quality paint to the wall as it will take for a cheaper alternative. However, your number of coats may reduce when you’re applying a quality paint which will considerably cut down the paint job time.

It Can Save You Money – Now there are two things; 1) the amount of time labor will invest in painting your walls and 2) the number of paint cans that will be used for covering the walls. Both can increase when you’re using cheap quality paint as your walls will require more coats and more paint to cover up.

Quality Paint is Durable – Unlike cheap paints, quality paint can easily last up to days. You can repaint a room or exterior every couple of years. However, if you opt-in for a low quality or cheap paint, it may fade faster leading you to re-invest in a paint job. Quality paint also resists stains, scratches & fading.

Quality Paint Can Easily Be Applied – The applying process of a quality paint is relatively easier than cheap paint. Cheap paints can drip and coagulate. Besides, when you apply it, it spreads unevenly leading you into frustration. You won’t have to deal with such things when you’re using good quality paint.

Now you might be getting an urge to go for a paint job all by yourself, but let us assure you that it’s best if you leave the job to professionals. Even if you apply quality paint to your walls & ceilings by yourself, you may find it hard to achieve the results that you expect unless you’re a pro at it.

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