Why Is Surface Preparation Necessary Before Painting?

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Before beginning the process of painting your home, you must be well aware of the importance of surface preparation. A complete surface preparation starts from cleaning the surface, repairing any molds or patches, sanding the rough edges out, and primer application for a smooth surface.

While it is a time-consuming process, missing it is not a good idea and would only contribute to expensive repairs in the future.

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Today’s blog post is aimed at emphasizing the importance of surface preparation!

1. A wet, uneven and cracked surface reduces the life of any paint job. Prepping the surface before painting and patching any rough edges helps the surface absorb the paint more quickly and evenly. 

2. Skipping the prepping process does not have any immediate effects, but once the paint dries up, it highlights the uneven surfaces and cracked edges, which should have been repaired to achieve a smooth slate for painting. 

3. While the wall meant to be painted may seem spotlessly clean to you, it may contain dust and debris particles which can mar the final result. Cleaning the surface means removing unwanted substances and sanding out any uneven areas that may not be apparent to you. 

4. The primer application in the surface preparation helps to lighten the dark patches on the walls and increase the paint’s life because of its adhesiveness.

5. Cracks and rough edges in the walls could be home to various bacteria, affecting the result of a new paint job. Any damp area on the wall indicates humidity and moisture, which weaken the wall’s structure leading to cracks and holes. These openings are filled and smoothed out to prevent water and bacteria build-up. 

6. Surface prepping also includes removing old paint on the wall if it is chipping away or flaking to achieve a smooth surface rather than a bumpy one. 

7. Many people forget to tape off the sides and frames of windows when painting walls, as they skip the surface preparation step, resulting in paint getting over all these surfaces and creating extra work. By taping off areas that are not to be painted, the painting job becomes more manageable and hassle-free.

8. While everyone knows that using good quality paint will result in an appealing paint job, most people are unaware that it is equally important to invest in quality products for prepping the surface. Cheap products can lead to more damage than improvement. 

Following the above instructions of prepping and priming before painting results in a beautiful, more long-lasting paint job. Attention to Detail Painters offer exceptional residential painting and commercial painting services in Diamond Ridge Estates. Get an estimated offer today!